Anyone who knows me knows how much I love dogs – and how involved I am in helping the less fortunate dogs of the world. I recently rescued Troy, a little Jack Russell mix the day before he was going to be put down. A friend texted me when she heard what was going to happen and I went and argued for his life, insisting they gave me a chance with him. Reluctantly, they agreed and I brought Troy home. And he is the most loving, cute, sweet, easy dog you could want! Yes, he has a few quirks – but if that is all it takes to be put down, I should have been shot a long time ago : )

Troy was a stray so we don’t know anything about him, and I am using the moment I took custody of him as the “birth time” for his chart. He has Sagittarius rising, Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius, and Mars is unaspected and in detriment. Like a true Leo, Troy thought it was a magnificent idea to write my first blog post about him : ) In this blog, we will look start to look at fixed star work (Bernadette Brady-style).

We all have at least two “guiding stars” – they are called the Heliacal Rising and Setting stars, from ancient Egyptian mythology. They represent the background theme, and the deep inner voice calling you. They are something you feel on an instinctual level, a soul level and you may not even be consciously aware of it, until someone asks you and you feel it resonate deeply within you.

Troy’s Heliacal Rising star is the fixed star Acubens in the constellation Cancer, The Crab (please note that constellations are not the same as zodiac signs). Acubens was considered the portal through which the souls made their way to Earth and it is thus associated with life itself, with seeing life as sacred and protecting life. It shows a love of life and of the world – and Troy just absolutely LOVES everything. I know that all dogs in general are happy – that is one reason we love them so much. But Troy is way more than just happy – it is like he understands he was given a second chance and he just loves every little thing he gets to experience now. A highly appropriate star for a little guy who was on death row and got rescued at the last minute. Troy’s life is sacred and somehow he kind of seems protected since he did not end up the way he was heading. Now, how did Troy get so lucky?

I smiled big time when I saw that Troy’s Heliacal Setting star is Sadalsuud, from the constellation Aquarius! Sadalsuud is an Arabic name meaning The Luckiest of the Lucky! Can’t get any luckier than that, right. It is the kind of luck where you are in the right place at the right time. Somehow, things always work out for you. Troy is “in the flow”, leaving him right where he needs to be when he needs to be there. He didn’t have to do anything; there was no appeal process for him; he couldn’t take it to a higher court. A dog has no rights. All he could do was be himself and let “the flow” bring me into his life at the right time. And at the perfect time, I was there, available and ready to take him home. I had been fostering another dog that had just gotten adopted a few weeks earlier so the timing was perfect. Just pure luck, right.

This is a very simple example of how powerful and insightful the Heliacal Rising and Setting stars are. Sometimes people recognize the symbolism of them as being fully active and integrated in their lives and they beautifully describe their deepest motivations and drives and some sense of spirituality. For others, one or both of these stars show something deep inside that you yearn for, strive for, to the point where they represent your deepest sense of purpose. They may not indicate qualities you already possess, but rather something that defines your inner life purpose.

These stars are one of the very first things I look at whenever I create a chart for a person, dog or event. I will bring them up over and over again in my blogs so you will start to become familiar with them. For some people a certain connection between a star and planet (a paran) may be more meaningful, but I always go over the Heliacal Rising and Setting stars with clients.