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Astrology Posted on Sun, June 26, 2016 09:40:48


June 23,
2016 was a historic day when the British voters decided to leave the European
Union. The news shocked the world and we are all wondering what will happen

I have
called it a midlife crisis for very clear reasons – it was 43 years ago that
Britain, as well as Ireland and Denmark, joined the EU and now, transiting
Uranus is opposing natal Uranus for that chart – the classic midlife crisis. (I
am Danish, although I now live in the US, but I feel this deeply and I am using
the pronoun “we” as I very much identify with this situation.)

Here is the
chart for when Great Britain officially became a member of the EU at midnight
January 1, 1973 in Brussels.

When you
first look at this chart, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the northern
hemisphere emphasis – just about everything is at the bottom of the chart! Wow!
Look at the idealism, the focus on freedom and growth and expansion with FIVE
planets in Sagittarius. And up in the 9th house, Saturn hovers over
all those planets, imposing his restrictions and his heavy hand on all those
dreams, needs and desires for freedom – perhaps trying to temper the idealism
with realism. The time of this referendum is also the time of a Saturn Saturn
opposition. Reality check! How are we doing? Are things measuring up to what
you dreamed of and hoped for? Clearly, this was not the case.

But let’s
take a quick look at the details of this chart. Virgo is rising, but only by a
hair. This addition to the Union is cautious and discriminating, taking
everything slowly and methodically. I do believe we, especially the British and
the Danes, are “famous” for saying no to a lot of EU-initiatives, inc. the
Euro. We like our boundaries and it is obvious that the recent rush of refugees
into Europe and Britain was an important factor. Boundaries and rules were not
respected and Virgo does not appreciate that.

The very
strong emphasis on Sagittarius shows the needs, the desire and drive and the
dreams for freedom, for expansion, for growing and becoming more, more than we
were by ourselves. We have strong opinions and we are just so motivated and
emotional about those opinions – you see the very tight Moon Mars conjunction.
We simply NEED to be acknowledged for our opinions – and perhaps we didn’t feel
heard in the EU? Our needs were simply not met? We might be a bit unrealistic
and not see things they way they really are with Neptune in the mix. The Venus
Mercury conjunction is a bit wide, but it is again emphasizing the idealism.
All of this is opposed by Saturn in the 9th house, putting a
dampener on the idealism, the freedom – constantly measuring it against reality.

We see the
Sun in Capricorn in the 4th house conjunct the North Node and
Jupiter. A very strong emphasis on the home front, on our roots, our heritage
as our path in life, our reward, our quest – we are not going to give it up –
we will not become Europeans – we are British! (Or Danish!). Pluto squares the
Sun – the virtual hand grenade under the blanket as Noel Tyl calls that aspect.
The strong suppression of our identity, which will, which must blow up at some
point. We will take back our power sooner or later. We can only be kept under
wraps for so long, and then we will fight back. And the British just did! They
fought back against the power of Brussels, wanting once again to be

Let’s turn
our attention to the aspects that were in effect at the time of the referendum.
As I mentioned, this is the midlife crisis of this chart. Transiting Uranus was
squaring natal Uranus – you can’t get any clearer than that! Also, and
powerfully so, transiting Pluto is exactly on the North Node! Whatever your
point of view is of the Nodes, this has kind of a “fated” flavor, perhaps a
soul impetus – a powerful, irreversible change. Whatever happens now, things
cannot go back to the way they were. A dramatic shift simply had to occur and
combined with the Uranus Uranus opposition, the world’s 5th largest
economy revolted and pulled out of the Union!

We see the
solar arc Nodes square the Moon Mars conjunction – definitely a time for fated
action in response to the emotional needs not being met.

secondary progressed Moon had just entered Cancer – you can feel the
protectionism. And if you have the Sun in Capricorn in the 4th
house, you MUST respond to such an impulse. You MUST defend yourself, you must
protect your own and you must stay focused on the home front, on your roots,
not on the rest of the world. You shine in your own “home”, this is where you
revitalize yourself – not as Europeans, but as British citizens. It seems like
this is perhaps not such a crazy move after all – this is perhaps just what was
needed. What had to happen.

What will
happen in the coming months? This was the first hit of the Uranus Uranus
opposition – the second hit will be in October and the third hit in March 2017,
so this is only the beginning of the story. Will other countries follow suit?
Transiting Pluto will make its final hit to the North Node in December 2016 and
the solar arc semisquares will be in April of next year, reinforcing the shift.
By December 2017, transiting Saturn will cross the IC – a likely time for a
final farewell.

For the
next installment, I will try to track down the chart for the beginning of the
European Union. We cannot forget that this started in response to the
devastating WWII (and isn’t it funny that Germany, more than any other country
perhaps, is focused on keeping the Union going).


Astrology Posted on Fri, June 03, 2016 23:10:20

is not a very sexy word in our culture – no one wants to be held
“responsible”. But, you and only you are responsible for your own
life – every single day of it. Now, this is great news because that means you
can decide what you really want out of life and then learn to create it.

Mastery is much sexier – but mastery of anything takes time and continued effort. We think nothing of going to college for 4 years to learn a particular subject. Perhaps graduate school as well. But learning to master our own minds, our own lives – that is something our culture does not value and very few people even think about it.

the things you want in life and becoming the person you truly desire to be –
these are skill you can learn! Everyone can learn to control their mind. The
thing is – you are going to have to do some mental work to learn how to do that
and few people are willing to learn that. Most people prefer to think they
don’t have control over their lives because then they don’t have to do anything
and they don’t have to change their thinking. Wallace Wattles said “There
is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and
consecutive thought, it is the hardest work in the world.”

I think it’s a lot harder to let your life be run by my old programming and other people! Lord knows, I’ve
been there. Due to my particular “setup” in this lifetime (aka. childhood), I spent most of my life thinking life was out to get me and that I
was powerless to do anything about it. I tried countless approaches and my
perseverance paid off and I learned how to start taking control of my mind and
creating my life as I really wanted it – not staying a victim of a harsh
childhood that had filled my mind with self-loathing, low self-esteem and a
deep sense of powerlessness and hopelessness. Yes, it took some effort, it
still does – but compared to the pain I was in from my relentless negative
mindset, it was so much easier and the results started to show up within days!
I was hooked – I realized I had found a way to take back control! I still forget
at times and fall into my old patterns but I always “wake up” again.

This is
what I would like to help you do as well. With a combination of coaching and
astrology, I can help you become who you were meant to be and create the life
you want – isn’t that what you really desire most of all?

Fun with Solar Arcs

Astrology Posted on Tue, April 21, 2015 18:18:59

Solar arc direction is a very old, very simple and incredibly powerful predictive technique. It is just as important as transits, even though some of the big names in astrology don’t use them. I have seen top notch astrologer miss predictive events completely because they don’t use solar arcs.

I first learned about solar arcs when I studied with Noel Tyl about 15 years ago. In the lesson where he explained what they were and how they worked he warned us that we would be lying awake at night, calculating solar arc aspects in our head – and he was right! I was blown away by how they coincided with … everything major in my life! If you are astrologically minded, this is fun! You don’t need a computer program or even an ephemeris – you just need basic math. Try it out when you go to bed tonight – or before.

If you are not familiar with solar arcs, don’t worry – they are so easy to use. You can approximate your solar arc aspects by using 1 degree per 1 year of a person’s life, and then you move everything in the chart by that number. If you are 45 years old, you will move all your planets approximately 45 degrees. Try to think of your chart and move planets forward from early childhood onward.

If your Sun is at 1 degree of Leo and your Pluto is at 10 degrees of Leo, by the time you are around 9 years old, solar arc Sun will have moved 9 degrees to an exact conjunction with your Pluto – and you know something very important happened to you at that time. Even if there are no other major aspects around, something very deep impacted you at that time.

You will find that for everything major that ever happened to you – there was a solar arc aspect involved. If you start to think about your chart, you can start with those planets that are close to each, in or out of aspect. If in the example above Pluto were at 4 degrees of Leo, solar arc Pluto would conjunct your Sun at age 3! What happened? That could have been a major traumatic event for you – or perhaps something happened with your dad?

Just start out by thinking in terms of conjunctions and oppositions – they are easy to do in your head. If your Moon is at 14 degrees Cancer it will oppose your Saturn at 20 degrees Capricorn when you are 6 years old. Think about the emotional impact Saturn could have on your soft, sensitive Cancer Moon! Perhaps a conflict between your parents broke out or became clear. Maybe your parents divorced and it shut you down emotionally and in typical Cancer-style, you clammed up and closed off.

In addition to aspects, it is also important to note when planets and angles change signs by solar arc direction. Since every planet will be in any given sign for up to 30 years, most people will experience 2 or 3 different sign positions for every planet. Say, your Mercury was in Scorpio when you were born – a very deep, penetrating mind, maybe with a measure of obsessive compulsion and paranoia – maybe you grew up in a home where there were a lot of undercurrents. Maybe you grew up scared!

Let’s say your Mercury is in 5 degrees of Scorpio in your natal chart. It will move into Sagittarius by solar arc direction when you are about 25 degrees and your mind will become involved with foreign cultures, higher education, publishing, travel, philosophy etc. You could start out on a quest to gain wisdom and understanding regarding Plutonian traumas that affected your mind, your thinking patterns. You may spend the next roughly 30 years on this quest, trying many things, greatly expanding your mind – and then, solar arc Mercury moves into Capricorn!


Relief, you say? Capricorn? Well, relief if you decide to use high Capricorn energy – learning to discipline and structure your mind and your thinking. Imagine engaging in a serious, long-term study of mind control – anything from Silva Mind Control, to Buddhist meditation or Andy Shaw’s Saltori System for Structured Thinking. Learning to control your Mercury would surely be a relief after the mental roller coaster you may have been on your entire life.

Another example using the same archetypes would be if you had the Sun in 5 degrees of Capricorn. Then, at age 25, your Sun would move into Sagittarius and your world would greatly expand somehow. Maybe you decide to go back to college, maybe you move to another country – but the world will somehow open up for you. If your early years were restricted and you had to grow up too soon, this could be a time when you start to let down your hair and just have some fun. You might find a new sense of optimism – and maybe you would start to see your life as a quest as I mentioned earlier. The Sagittarius archetype is strongly linked with the Quest.

So, have fun tonight, and fall asleep to the hum of your solar arc aspects.

Troy, the lucky dog – Fixed Stars

Astrology Posted on Thu, November 28, 2013 15:55:14

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love dogs – and how involved I am in helping the less fortunate dogs of the world. I recently rescued Troy, a little Jack Russell mix the day before he was going to be put down. A friend texted me when she heard what was going to happen and I went and argued for his life, insisting they gave me a chance with him. Reluctantly, they agreed and I brought Troy home. And he is the most loving, cute, sweet, easy dog you could want! Yes, he has a few quirks – but if that is all it takes to be put down, I should have been shot a long time ago : )

Troy was a stray so we don’t know anything about him, and I am using the moment I took custody of him as the “birth time” for his chart. He has Sagittarius rising, Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius, and Mars is unaspected and in detriment. Like a true Leo, Troy thought it was a magnificent idea to write my first blog post about him : ) In this blog, we will look start to look at fixed star work (Bernadette Brady-style).

We all have at least two “guiding stars” – they are called the Heliacal Rising and Setting stars, from ancient Egyptian mythology. They represent the background theme, and the deep inner voice calling you. They are something you feel on an instinctual level, a soul level and you may not even be consciously aware of it, until someone asks you and you feel it resonate deeply within you.

Troy’s Heliacal Rising star is the fixed star Acubens in the constellation Cancer, The Crab (please note that constellations are not the same as zodiac signs). Acubens was considered the portal through which the souls made their way to Earth and it is thus associated with life itself, with seeing life as sacred and protecting life. It shows a love of life and of the world – and Troy just absolutely LOVES everything. I know that all dogs in general are happy – that is one reason we love them so much. But Troy is way more than just happy – it is like he understands he was given a second chance and he just loves every little thing he gets to experience now. A highly appropriate star for a little guy who was on death row and got rescued at the last minute. Troy’s life is sacred and somehow he kind of seems protected since he did not end up the way he was heading. Now, how did Troy get so lucky?

I smiled big time when I saw that Troy’s Heliacal Setting star is Sadalsuud, from the constellation Aquarius! Sadalsuud is an Arabic name meaning The Luckiest of the Lucky! Can’t get any luckier than that, right. It is the kind of luck where you are in the right place at the right time. Somehow, things always work out for you. Troy is “in the flow”, leaving him right where he needs to be when he needs to be there. He didn’t have to do anything; there was no appeal process for him; he couldn’t take it to a higher court. A dog has no rights. All he could do was be himself and let “the flow” bring me into his life at the right time. And at the perfect time, I was there, available and ready to take him home. I had been fostering another dog that had just gotten adopted a few weeks earlier so the timing was perfect. Just pure luck, right.

This is a very simple example of how powerful and insightful the Heliacal Rising and Setting stars are. Sometimes people recognize the symbolism of them as being fully active and integrated in their lives and they beautifully describe their deepest motivations and drives and some sense of spirituality. For others, one or both of these stars show something deep inside that you yearn for, strive for, to the point where they represent your deepest sense of purpose. They may not indicate qualities you already possess, but rather something that defines your inner life purpose.

These stars are one of the very first things I look at whenever I create a chart for a person, dog or event. I will bring them up over and over again in my blogs so you will start to become familiar with them. For some people a certain connection between a star and planet (a paran) may be more meaningful, but I always go over the Heliacal Rising and Setting stars with clients.